John is passionate about business and helping others thrive. Every client becomes more than just a client and John builds rich relationships with the people he works with. John gets great pleasure from helping bring those around him up to his level. Through his services he takes great pride in seeing his clients succeed.

John’s invaluable knowledge surrounding business, marketing, communication, running a company with great efficiency and time management have been a great benefit.

Outside of work, I have had the privilege to get to know John on a more personal level and have attended some of the philanthropic charity and fund raising events he holds annually. Besides the love he has for his family, the passion he has to help those around him succeed, John also loves to give back to the community. Long story short, if you are working with John, you are in great hands.

— Jonathan Ucinek, Optometrist
I have known John only for a short time, however the impact that he has had on me, not just my business has helped me to visualize opportunities that I began to doubt my ability to realize. He is encouraging and at the same time challenging so that he can/you can, begin to see how to maximize the business potential, John calls it being an unreasonable friend, I call it being a mate. If you have any questions about the direction of your business, if you want to seem your bottom line improve not just turnover but real profit, if you want a person who will work with you then I strongly recommend that you engage him at your earliest convenience. John is one of the organizers of The Business Essentials Program and there are over 20 people that attend every month that will also vouch for the integrity and belief in John’s ability to truly support you and your business. I could have chosen all 7 of the tick boxes for John and it was very hard to get down to just three removing the last tick just didn’t seem fair as he is all of the above. John is the best thing that has happened to my business.
— Russell Summers, The Give Life Centre
John is very professional and provides an unbelieveable wealth of valuable information. He is committed to his work and always easily approachable, highly recommended.
— Cary Pichler, Technician/Consultant/Owner, CKP Computers
John delivers the motivation I need to get things moving to a whole new level in my business. As a writer, I am more about creativity than managing the processes that streamline my efficiency as a business owner but John’s regular guidance and advice keeps me on task. I’m looking forward to seeing Copy Queens become even more successful.
— Claire Halliday, Author of Things My Mother Taught Me | Feature writer | Storyteller | Copywriter, Claire Halliday – Writer
John Millar is an exception man of Qualities, including high Morals and working Ethics. With his knowledge and assistance business’s continue to grow at exceptional paces. With numerous feedbacks in person from John clients and working alongside John to assist business’s reach their full potential I would highly recommend any small to medium sized business to contact John and start seeing the rewards and prosperity in your business
— Shane Storey, Westpac Business Banking
John’s delivery of his no-nonsense advice provides a low cost option for those business owners looking to set and achieve goals that will increase profit. I found the conversational style of his programs easy to follow, whilst the requirement to pause and think and write down some action points ensured a level of commitment to the advice being provided.
— Mark Felton, Lindale Insurances
John Millar is not your usual Business Coach, he gets involved with you and your business and provides hands on help to make sure you follow through on his advice. He is highly motivated to help his clients and his personal guarantee certainly shows this. He has now transposed his thoughts, advice and love of good business onto a series of DVD’s in his new business venture – More Profit Less Time. This has excellent tips and advice for anyone either starting out or already in business. I highly recommend John to any business owner who wants to run a business and not a j.o.b.!
— Darren Cassidy, HR2U
I have known John since 2003 and found him to be extremely knowledgeable in both Sales and Business systems. John has provided me with business advice as well as personal coaching over the years, helping me with the running of my organization. I’m impressed with John’s coaching where he has condensed a lot of the information in an easy to follow format that any business owner can use immediately. I wish he had started coaching me earlier, as he is a goldmine of information, and practical how to that allow anyone to increase the profit in their business and get back valuable wasted time.
— Steve Psaradellis, TEBA
John is a great individual to work with, generous with his time and expertise. He is an expert at imparting his knowledge and experience and as a result his customers have enjoyed great experiences and have seen fantastic improvements in their businesses.
— Mischa Eichinski, Melbourne Fire and Safety
John develops real relationships with the people he comes into contact with. He is passionate about what he does. He is full of good ideas and process to make you and your business better. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. John is excellent at helping you get things done
— Carey Rudd, BM Tronics
John gave the Jims Computer Services and its Franchisees and Master Franchisees extensive coaching, training and ideas for better business management and client relations since 2009. I would highly recommend John and happily work with him in future.
— Richard Scott, The Jims Group
I would recommend John in any finance venture, his diagnostic services and training staff and his business networks are the best people to deal with in this state.
Having worked with John with a number of his clients, I can see how his approach to working on the business and understanding the profit drivers versus just being busy returns profit to business owners.
— Dale Thompson GAICD, Entrepreneur
There are those few people who come along once in a lifetime that are so amazing, you never forget their influence. John Millar is one of them. His high ethical standards, expert knowledge, guiding foresight and acute business insights, all contribute to his mastery as the best business Coach I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is outstanding, not only as a person, but as a leader, mentor, coach and business director. Working with John is one of life’s highlights. Brilliant.
— Adele Sims, , Entrepreneur
The first thing that strikes you with John is his high integrity and commitment to excellent service. John always strives to deliver over and above what most people would expect of him and you can see that he genuinely cares about his clients. I’ve known John for several years now and have worked with him on some projects and he is always the one you can count on to be there and focused till the end. John is constantly striving to better himself and in turn passes that on to his clients who will be receiving the latest coaching tools and strategies to help them in their business. John epitomizes what a great business coach should be.
— Steve Brossman, Marketing Consultant
I highly recommend John for Individuals and Companies who want to achieve their Goals and Ambitions. If increasing your bottom line; extending your personal strengths and achieving lifestyle ambitions are all part of your vision; then allow John to show you how. I have personally seen mutual clients thrive under his coaching and mentoring skills.”
— Mark Cleland, , Petermark Agencies
I worked with John Millar during my time at ActionCOACH and found his business knowledge, passion and innovation to be inspiring. He has always been able to set (and achieve) strategic long and short term goals both for himself and his coaching clients without losing that personal connection he builds with everyone he meets. He has been and I believe will continue to be a strong mentor and coach for anyone wanting to take that next step in their business.
— Bree Webster, , formerly of ActionCOACH
John’s business training has provides an incredible amount of value. I’ve found his training methods and concepts have accelerated my business in positive ways that would have taken me a lot longer to figure out on my own, and for that I’m truly grateful! It’s also a way to avoid the pitfalls of running a business. But besides his great training, he’s a great mentor, a brilliant business trainer and business coach, and more importantly, a great friend.
— Glenn Biclar, Alba Prime
I have been to a few seminars and heard John speak numerous times about sales, marketing and business. He is very knowledgable and extremely enthusiastic in all his interactions and I would recommend him to all business owners who need a sales and marketing boost!
— Andrew Heath, Fresh Living Group
John knows his stuff, he knows how the get results, John has so many great ideas in building a business and helping business owners work less and make more money.
I happily recommend John to anyone in need of help and guidance
— Frank Eramo, Dynotech Car and Truck
If you want to achieve sales results you never thought were possible and give your self a competitive edge my strong suggestion is to engage John services and listen closely to what John has to say, during the time I was coached by John I was one of eight sales consultants in a national business for 10 out of the 13 months I lead the sales tally and in 1 quarter I generated three times the revenue of the national sales force combined. Johns coaching and experience was well worth the investment and paid big dividends. Thanks John.
— Julian Fadini, Bellvue Capital Group
John is a consummate professional Business Consultant and Coach. His ability to drill down to the core cause of strengths and weaknesses within a business and to harness the strengths and turn-around the weaknesses is like watching poetry in motion. It’s not always easy working through the processes that he proposes – but the results are more than worth the effort. I highly recommend John if you are looking to improve, survive, grow or change direction in this economic climate.
— Anthony Beasley, The Astra Group of Companies
I first met John Millar at BNI in mid 2010 and have always found him to be of an honest and generous character that engenders an easy association with him. I love how easy he is to listen to and how passionate he is about his work and topics. John demonstrates a love for life and his work and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.
— Kathie M Thomas, Virtual VA Australia
In my dealings with John, I have found him to be a motivated and insightful agent of positive change. He is able to burrow down to the root cause of issues and introduce effective forms of measurement. John then identifies and implements practical solutions and is there to provide the gentle persuasion required to ensure that results are achieved.
— Mark Felton, Roy A McDonald Accounting and Financial Planning