What is a business coach?

As the numbers of those calling themselves business coaches grows, they are timely questions.

One important thing to note is that the world of business coaching is an unregulated industry. What that means, is that, just because someone says they are a business coach, it pays to do some research and make sure they are the right business coach for you. With so many so-called business coaches working in the industry who are uncertified and unqualified the frightening reality is that many ‘business coaches’ have never even owned or operated their own businesses.

So to go back to those original questions, it’s important to add another word – what is a great business coach? It can be explained this way:

A business coach is someone who inspires and motivates you – someone who draws on a combination of practical experience in the business world, and someone who has the capacity to guide you to your best possible outcomes, with accountability and understanding.

Business Coaching – What is it?

Great athletes rely on great coaching – and as they continue to excel in their field, that need becomes even more important.

So, why, as business owners, do so many people view coaching as something that is only for beginners?

To be an elite business owner, you deserve elite coaching.

A quality business coach is there to help you with what don’t know – then refine what you do well until you can do it well, consistently.

When you choose an experienced business coach to help your business reach new levels of success, you identify what might have been holding you back – and you learn how to overcome those hurdles.

When you work with a coach, you learn how to set powerful goals for your business – and you receive the support, guidance and motivation to ensure you reach, and exceed them.

The Business Coaching and Mentor Programs that I provide are proven – the testimonials from so many successful business owners I’ve helped are living proof.

My methods of business coaching and the tools I utilise to deliver that coaching are supported by the many years of hands-on experience I have had as an actual business owner.

I’ve been a successful owner of not just one – but multiple businesses, so I understand the mistakes that can be made along the way, and, importantly, how to avoid them.

Our programs start with a 12-month period of regular engagement for very good reasons – because that’s what works. When I work with your business for a minimum 12-month period as your business coach, you will benefit from results that are equal to your effort – and I guarantee that.

This isn’t about quick fixes. This is about assisting you in developing results that are real and sustainable – business growth to last a lifetime.

It’s important to consider these three things a business coach is about:

  • Information (we guide you through a positive process of business education)
  • Application (we help you identify who will be accountable for each important task – every step of the way)
  • Action (because your business needs results that are tangible and measurable)

Once we identify what you don’t know, we’ll be sure to help you fill those knowledge gaps and our wealth of contacts within the wider global business community ensures we have the capacity to do that, with quality, integrity and reliability.

With me as your business coach, you have the benefit of flexibility, with the choice to attend your coaching sessions in my convenient office in Wantirna – or receive your coaching in the comfort of your own office, via video Skype technology.

It’s all about finding what works best for your business to ensure you access quality coaching that is effective for you.

I’m proud to be one of the very few fully-qualified, experienced and professional trained Melbourne business coaches – delivering streamlined processes that you can share with your team as well.

My coaching clients come from a broad variety of industry sectors and occupations, with businesses types that range in size from start-up to multinational corporations.

There is one common thing that connects them all – they are good businesses and they want to be great.

That’s where great business coaching is critical.

Why wait until your business – or you – experiences distress?

Your business deserves an opportunity to grow – and you deserve the rewards that come from more profits in less time.

To find out more, contact our office today.

John Millar

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