Stage 1 Business Growth Training and Coaching Program

This Coaching and Training program is a step-by-step process held on site at the primary place of business that is specifically designed to help SME’s achieve their business growth goals through the acquisition of new bespoke training and the guided implementation into the business.   By achieving their business growth goals this program helps their business deliver on their opportunity to employ more people and contribute more effectively to the Australian Economy.

The Alignment Consultation starts with an in-depth look at their goals, both current and future business growth goals.  It is designed to help them achieve greater clarity in where they want to go to achieve their growth goals and how their business needs to look to get them there.  All decision makers must be involved in this process – this includes business and at times life partners.

The Coaching Philosophy

This program is about accountability and education.  As coaches and trainers it is not our role to tell business owners and their teams what to do nor to go into their business and do it for them.  Our role is to help them achieve the growth goals they set for themselves by presenting them with a totally model for growing their business and coaching them through the application of this model to their business.  CEO-ONDEMAND adopts this proven model that we have used for innumerable SME’s over the years to help them create a Better Business.

This document outlines the path we will take towards turning their business into “a commercial, profitable, growth focussed business that can work without them”©.

There key process to the Business Coaching, training and mentoring Program is:
The Alignment Consultation – Ensures that their business and growth goals do not conflict. Their business is there to serve them; it can only be set up to truly do so once they are clear on what it is that they want to achieve.
Regular Bespoke Coaching and Training Sessions – Keeping them motivated and focused throughout the implementation of their plan which can occur up to weekly and for up to 2 hours set at the discretion of the trainer based on their assessment of the clients needs and availability.
The CEO-ONDEMAND Business Coaching and Training Program uses the above processes to apply the foundation for what will be a flexible coaching and training model to help them in their business, so that their business progresses towards becoming what it should be.


Below is the model that CEO-ONDEMAND will use to help you turn your business into something more than it is and has been. The model is used to create the specific strategies to help them achieve their business growth goals and is a broad guideline as we customise the final program to meet their specific needs. Each step can take from 1 to 3 weeks.


This is where they really bring their team and systems together to produce maximum RESULTS from their business without them needing to be there at all


This step is to get their ‘Staff’ working as a ‘TEAM’ through the implementation of various ‘People and Education’ strategies, so they can rely on them strongly when they are not there.


This step is about making further improvements through systems and technology, so they can ‘do more with less’ as well as work further toward a business that runs just as well with or without them


This step is all about SALES and MARKETING… we will look at developing a really strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a powerful Guarantee… We will also work on generating more leads for their business, convert more enquiries to sales, getting their clients to come back more often, and, spend more $$$’s with them when they do


This step is all about mastering the basics of their business, and putting in some solid foundations to build upon. We will implement with them some Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for financials, sales and marketing and more so we can ‘keep score’ of your game of business, we will look at lots of ways to increase your PROFITS for little or no investment, and we will also look at some systems and technology to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

The Alignment Consultation

This process is the vital first step in getting maximum value from their commitment to the coaching and training program and will usually takes up to 4 to 5 contact hours.

The process also involves getting a snapshot of where their business is today.  We look at the operational and financial status of your business.  We also examine the sales and marketing strategies they have used previously and what results were achieved.

The process of going through the Alignment ensures the business owners and their entire Team are clear on their goals and objectives, before we begin to change anything. This is vitally important to ensure we are able to clearly identify what each person is striving to achieve.

Course Outline

To download a CEO-ONDEMAND course outline, click the course title. You are able to view, print or save the outlines. All course outlines are available as PDF documents and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view.

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