Systemising Your Business For Consistent Excellence

/Systemising Your Business For Consistent Excellence

Systemising Your Business For Consistent Excellence


Product Description

What keeps a huge multi-national business like McDonald’s ticking over every day when they have to rely on the input of inexperienced teenagers? Systems! What keeps franchises ticking over? Systems! How do countries continue to operate with changes of government? Systems!

If your systems are obsolete, non-existent, ineffective then so too will be your output and productivity. You will always be running around extinguishing spot fires or raging infernos because your systems don’t allow for the objectification of tasks and outcomes.

This vital DVD shows you:

  • The importance of systems
  • How to develop systems that are appropriate and specific to your business
  • How to upskill staff in the use of systems
  • How to objectify tasks so that processes and problems can be handled by anyone who is system-aware
  • How to improve work quality and consistency
  • The savings that can be had with introducing and training new staff
  • What to do with the extra time you will save by implementing systems
  • Hot to enable and empower staff to become competent and reliable decision-makers and stakeholders

Being amenable to the introduction of systems and embracing rather than rejecting them is a huge step forward for many businesses. Why shouldn’t your business benefit along with others?