Maximising your Conversion Rates

/Maximising your Conversion Rates

Maximising your Conversion Rates


Product Description

Your sales people are your life-blood. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is and they are also a breed unto themselves.

They don’t function like the rest of us – and aren’t we glad about that! They have to be tough, negotiating, conciliatory, patient, driven, results-oriented and bloody minded. If they were not so, they wouldn’t get the results we need.

But are you getting the best out of them? We tend to respond to our sales staff in one of 2 ways. We either pummel them with our goals and expectations without listening to their input, or we ignore them because we’re scared of them. Either way, our business is what suffers as a result. And either way, it’s not the team we want or need.

Being immersed in all things business for many years, I have had the opportunity of getting to know sales people very well and these are some of my observations:

  • They are, more often than not, motivated by cash and recognition rather than altruistic ‘family’ values. They want cash, cash, cash and it’s their egoistic emphasis is ‘me, me, me.’
  • They are more mercenary than missionary and don’t really give a toss about the philosophies or underlying motives that drive a business. They know why they’re there and they just get on with bringing in results.
  • They thrive best when they have a solid product to sell, well-defined pricing, a clear quota to aim for and recognizable, clear-cut competitors.
  • If they think you don’t understand them, they will devise their own methods and approaches that usually end up servicing their needs above yours.

None of these observations renders sales people as ‘bad’ or immoral or whatever – it simply defines them as results-oriented and task driven – which is a good thing.

In this DVD we evaluate the best ways in which you can elicit the most profitable results from these amazing people. Understand them. Have them eating out of your business palm and you’ll have a wonderfully successful business that has no bounds.