Gaining Focus in your Business

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Gaining Focus in your Business


Product Description

When you’re busy running or managing a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks.

You become myopic to the expectations, directions and goals you’ve set and they sit all too comfortably on the long finger of never never.

Rediscovering the basic fundamentals and skills that make a business tick has been a most productive, refreshing and illuminating task for many of our clients. For some, it’s a discovery of skills they didn’t even know about. Knowing that there are particular ways in which things should be done goes a long way towards smoothing the path for future success.

Moving beyond being simply self-employed, to owning a progressive and innovative business is what this series is all about.

In this DVD you will discover the usefulness goal setting, keeping a time-management diary and transforming your business into a sleek, well-functioning and controlled entity.

So many business owners have expressed such great relief at being able to review this material that we are more convinced than ever of its relevance and value.