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Title: Back to Basics (Part 1 of 6)

Date Published: January 1, 2016

Running Time: 09:16 minutes

Hi, my name is John Millar, I’m the managing director of More Profit Less Time. And I’m also here to be your host. Today is our gift to you. This is the first in our series of the business essentials series, that we offer both online and also via video. I hope you enjoy it and let’s just go through, shall we?

So, to get started, I need your permission to be your guide and adviser, together we can go through a journey of about 60 minutes, and we’re gonna talk about some generalized principles in business that I want you to think about and what you can do to apply them specifically to your business. We don’t wanna talk about airy-fairy or esoteric principles. These are things you can actually use straight away inside your business. So, if that’s okay with you, we’ll continue.

So a little bit about me.  I’m currently the managing director of two companies, I had my first business since 1987/early ‘88. I had number of very successful business in different areas. I have worked in senior management and in corporate as well, and been working in the training and development field for quite some time. In fact, last year I was recognized on top 50 around 1300 of my colleagues in over 30 countries. So I’ve been around a little bit a while and done a few things, and like I’d like to bring that experience to help you.

On a personal note, I’m married with six beautiful children: three boys, three girls. And yes, I have worked out what causes it. And our vision as a business and as a family is to bring you quality services that you can actually use effectively. And we want to help 100,000 business owners over the next 10 years. With a hundred thousand business owners over the next 10 years, we hoped to reduce the amount of businesses that are either failing all together or not achieving their real potential. It’s also interesting to know that we like to give up to 10% of our profits from all of companies are going out to charities. All of that information we can print transparent about it, is available on our website.

So More Profit Less Time – we are a company that was formed out of a need. We identified that there are a lot of people who were really great at what they did, but not particularly great at how they did it. So what we’ve done, we‘ve looked at a number of principles and processes that we’ve tried and proven to help you in your business. Things that we can actually help you and guide you through some processes. I guarantee that if you follow these processes and principles you will succeed. You have to. It’s a fundamental law like the law of gravity. It doesn’t matter where you are, the law of gravity works. And the laws of business do work. And it’s a very good reason why businesses people either have consistently successful or consistently less or unsuccessful businesses. I’m gonna show you some secrets and reason why those things happen.

And today it’s all about the beginning of that journey. So my purpose today is to reward your time and investment and actually show you one of the fastest and best quality reasons to actually be able to take your business to a whole new level. Do I have any magic wands? No, I don’t. I don’t have any quick fixes they don’t exist. If things are that easy, everybody will be doing it. Unfortunately, everyone’s not. So what do we need to do… We’re gonna look at number of different things, we’re gonna look at ways that will actually quickly increase your sales and profits. Ways to be able actually free up your time, and also create a winning team.

You know how most of us go into business so we can work the least amount of hours and own most amount of money? On our experience, quite the opposite usually occurs. And it shouldn’t. It needn’t. And with what we will show you that won’t occur. So I guess the big part of that is the way your mind works. If you are either a victor of a victim. Do you make things happen in your world? Or do things just happen to you? You will see those people who were they consistently lifted over a dark cloud, no matter what they do, a brick always falls out of the skies and hits them in the head. And other people that seemed tripped over bags of gold? It’s no mistake.

The reality is it’s a lot of what you actually do. So if you take ownership and accept that responsibility for everything that you do. Rather than taking the opportunity to  blame people make excuses and live in denial. You’ll actually have a much more positive outlook  in what we do. And that’s an important part of the lessons you have to take throughout business. Because you are going to have your up times and you’re going to have your down times. The important thing in what we are doing today, in the future areas, is that the only failure that you’re going to have is the failure to participate. You can either sit there and actively engage with what we’re going through today or you can sit there and have a going one hour and at the other.

Taking the first steps to actually watch this, means that you’re not just working at what we call Information transport viro osmosis. In other words, buying something sticking it on the shelve and having expecting that information to transport for across the way your heads. I’m sorry, it’s a lovely concept, but doesn’t actually work. If you put in a 100% you will get a 100% back out of it again. The important lesson here is actually to get the most out of your time, you must be open to learning new things, and the big part of that is taking the eye no mentality out of our minds.

You know if you ever have children or if you know any teenage children and if not, If you’re once a teenage child, the reality is, every time that somebody spoke to them, or you have heard “yeah yeah mom I know that” “yeah dad I know that” “I know that” Unfortunately that’s a habit that often translates a crossing to later at all lie . So if you can take that I know out of your vocabulary and actually open your mind, and be available for some of those learnings, you’ll never know you might actually pick up something new.

The better way to actually look up things instead of saying “I know” is actually say how does that apply to me and my business. I deal with all sorts of business owners vets, to hairdressers to builders to people on the manufacturing fields, executives a whole host of different individuals. The reality is, all of these principles apply, it’s how we apply it so remember we are talking about generalized principles that we need to look at how you can actually apply specifically to you and your business. So think about it how does that apply to me, and my business and how can it? So important part of things is get the most out of today, and  most  out of any learning opportunity. Is the opportunity that you have some fun. If you’re not having fun you’ll switch off . and if you switch off you’ll never gonna learn anything so have some fun and enjoy the journey.

Throughout the process, you’re going to have, at what  heard, point of, phrase of, a BFO, and what that is, a Blinding flashes of the obvious. There’s going to be times when you hear something like “I knew that, I just haven’t been doing it” or, “gee I knew I should have been doing that but I wasn’t quite sure how, or more commonly “Wow, that’s quite an amazing thing to think about” So when you have that BFO’s Or blinding flashes of the obvious make sure you write it down. Little key when you’re making some notes, try and make some notes in a way that it becomes memorable.

A very special colleague of mine once told me, that if we make does things memorable it will actually enable us to recall that information later on. So use colors, use different terms of textures, crayons , whatever it takes to create a different texture in the hand and a fill on a paper. If you do those things, all of those things creates little signals on your mind, which you normally recall it later. And that’s what’s important because we are talking about information with application. Information without application is just useless. So let’s get that information and apply it in a memorable way. So let’s have a think about your business. Is your business driving you nuts? Or you driving your business. And that’s really determined by you.

John Millar

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