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Title: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business (Chapter 6, Part 4)

Date Published: November 20, 2015

Running Time: 09:22 minutes

Hi, this is John Millar. I’m the Naked Business Coach, stripping business back to its bare basics. As a special bonus, we’re giving you a free copy of all the chapters in How to Turn Your Idea into a Multi-Million Dollar Business.

Now this is available in Amazon and you can buy a copy in hard copy or kindle version. But before it gets released to iTunes and to Audible, I thought I’d give it to you as a free trial. I hope you enjoy it, took me some years to write. And I hope you look forward to some of the other things that we’ve got that you’re going to get absolutely free.

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide Series

How to Turn Your Idea into a Multi-Million Dollar Business (And Avoid the Mistakes that Send Most Business Owners into Bankruptcy)

By John Millar

Chapter 6: Taking It Online

The Importance of a Great Website

You know what they say about first impressions: “You don’t get a second chance to make one.” And when it comes to websites, this couldn’t be truer. If you offer any type of service that requires expert workmanship—and most services do—probably the worst thing you can do is present potential clients with a broken website on their first visit. It is safe to conclude that if the website doesn’t work, then your service or the product may not work either. The very last thing you want to do is have a website with broken links or something that is off kilter when someone visits. If something is not right with your website, and you leave it that way, it sends the following message about your customer service: If we sell you a product or service and it breaks, we will leave it broken, just like our website. Conversely, if everything works perfectly and the user interface is easy to interact with, you are sending the unspoken signal that your products and services will be seamless and of higher quality.

If your website is ugly and the user interface is difficult to use, or it crashes when certain pages are called up, this also implies that what you deliver—product or service—might also be ugly and will not work as advertised. Websites are sort of like people in this way. If a person is dressed poorly and shows up late consistently, it reflects badly on the character of that person. I don’t need to go on and on; you get the picture. The important thing here is that you need to be careful about how you design your online presence, which is mostly your website. Your online marketing activities also define your image, but not nearly as much as your company website. For these reasons, it is imperative that you provide a website the (1) works and (2) is pleasing to the eye.

Is your website static and primarily informational, or does it engage the visitor?

Sometimes you want a simple website that is primarily informational, so there are no hard set rules here. You could offer a visitor an enticement such as a free download in return for an email address to be used for marketing products and services later. If you offer subscription-based content on your website, you could let users set up a trial account for some period of time. They could try your service free before becoming a paying subscriber.

You might offer a blog with loads of valuable content and the ability for visitors or subscribers to “ask the expert” questions. Some legal sites do well with this type of structure, but there are also a few very popular horticulture sites and do-it-yourself sites with highly informational forums where experts regularly answer questions posed by visitors. You can offer these types of facilities on your website. If you read the section on Attraction Marketing, you will realize immediately that this is exactly what you need to do in that marketing model. It all depends on the amount of resources you want to put into something like this, and this in turn depends on your niche.

At a minimum, you simply MUST have an attractive website that works and does not have dead hyperlinks. You also need a website that is easy to maintain. Probably the last thing you need for your new business is to develop a very complex website that requires a highly skilled programmer to make simple changes. It would be very costly.

WordPress Websites

Consider building your website on a WordPress platform. This is a popular website platform that makes it easier to develop a high quality website interface with minimal effort. Using WordPress is much easier than building the site from scratch with basic HTML code. Many people are trained in WordPress and there are many templates you can buy at a small cost (less than $100). These templates get you a basic framework you can then tailor to your own needs. Don’t get me wrong: building websites—even with WordPress—is not easy and you need a qualified webmaster to help you. Check with your business coach for direction on this.

Another good feature of WordPress is that all WordPress sites use a common user interface, so if you learn how to use that interface, the skill will be valuable elsewhere. WordPress is also designed so non-webmasters can make simple changes and perform periodic maintenance. WordPress also allows for easy backup and recovery and version upgrades. It is very simple to change the overall look and feel of a WordPress site that is filled with your content—not so for a coded, non-Word­Press website.

Here is proof that building websites is not an easy venture: every now and then a company advertises on TV or somewhere else that they have made website creation as simple as clockwork. They present an interface in the adver­tisement that shows how easy it is to set up and maintain your website with their product. Yet to date, there has been no company that has emerged as being the go-to company for easy, cost-effective website creation and management. All of them seem to fade out of the limelight. If creating websites was such an easy process, there would be a Google of website creation, or a Facebook, or an Amazon—some type of industry leader in website creation. A big company would have solved it and they would be the obvious leader, yet notice that no company has accomplished this. I point this out so you know that website creation is not simple and you will need help with it. Do not hire a fly-by-night outfit to build your website on a questionable hosting service. The future of your new business may be severely impacted by such a decision. Get good solid advice from your business coach about how best to proceed with your online presence.

John Millar

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