The marketing buzz words that drives this is “reach” and “view”.  Or “how many people see your stuff, how many times?  It’s a cool (but a little nerdy) tool to compare different marketing products against each other. Otherwise your comparing apples with oranges if you know what I mean


A logo written in the sky has great reach but very poor views = poor unit value.

A TV campaign has great reach and with repeats = good views but expensive overall.  A Radio ad is good value for money if you employ repetition and run the same advertisement over and over in a set time period. But overall expensive.

Digital marketing $ is comparable to radio for a year.  But not compared in this article as there are too many variables.  B2B or B2C? PA revenue and platform mix.  SEO, PPC, Social and mobile. A long-term strategy is needed for effective ROI. Costs can range for 12K – 360K+PA.

So if I can’t afford TV, Digital or radio how can I get my logo seen by the most people for the least amount of $?

Right oh, using   1 here are the numbers that your media buyers/seller won’t be telling you. ($’s and numbers are averaged. If you want to see the math -see the notes at the end)

  • A TV ad = $0.003 per person view – Total $30K a night
  • Radio ad = $0.007 per person listening – Total $5K for a week
  • A billboard = $0.027 per car view – Total $15K for a month
  • A PEN = $0.00014 per view – Total $1.5K for a year
  • A CAP = $0.0038 per view – Total $10K for a year
  • That’s almost as good as TV but @ 5% the cost! It’s a no brainer

All the above figures are interesting and very true. But advertising and marketing in the end is about customer target and retention. No point getting your logo in front of people who are not interested. No point advertising to someone who doesn’t need you.

Promotional products go to people who are already a target or a lead.  They are targeted. So, they in theory are twice as good as the numbers above as all other marketing is shot gunned out to everyone. Unlike digital, radio and TV (shot gun marketing or pester pop ups); promo is all about retention.

Perceived high value of the product = retention.  They don’t bin the gift.

If the pen is a good quality pen with quality branding or the cap has interesting 3D embroidery and an interesting “different” design the customer will keep the cap and pen.

  • High value perception = retention = use = people seeing your logo = effective use of your marketing money. Or
  • Low value perception = low use = few or no people viewing your logo = a waste of your marketing It’s that simple.

Food for thought isn’t it?

The numbers

A radio advertisement pack of 35 ads has a massive reach in that it goes out to hundreds of thousands of people.

  • 20,000 listener’s x 35 ad slots = 700,000 “listens”
    $5,000 (for the pack) divided by 700,000 = $0.007 each

A motorway billboard has a massive reach with heaps of cars going past especially if it’s up for a month.

  • 180,000 (Vic Rds Monash) cars a day x 30 days = 5.4 Mill “views”
    $15,000 (for the billboard) divided by 5.4 Mill = $0.0027 each

TV has the biggest reach with millions of views a night

  • 500,000 viewer’s x 10 slots in the one night viewed by 2 people per household = 10 Mill “views”
    $30,000 (for production and 10 x 15sec slots) divided by 5.4 Mill = $0.003 each

A good pen that’s valued gets a great number of views.

  • 1,000 pens viewed 5 x a day x 220 days (one year) = 1,100,000 views
    $1,500 (for the pens) divided by 1,100,000 = $0.00014 each. That’s twice as good as TV at 5% of the cost

A good cap is pretty much the same as pens except that it’s not the receiver who views your logo but the people who see the cap being worn!

  • 1,000 caps at $10.00 each with your logo. Your customer values and uses that cap and the logo gets viewed 180 times a month for a whole business year.
    1000 x 225 views per month x 12 = 2,160,000 per year

So, a high quality cap at a cost of $10,000 = $0.0038 per view

Some promotional product facts from APPA (Australian Promotional Products Association)

APPA* conducted research of travelers at an airport. 76.1% of respondents could recall the advertisers name on a promo product they received in the last 12 (twelve) months

In comparison 80% answered yes to reading a newspaper or magazine in the last week but only 35.3% of them could name a single advertiser!

71% had received a promo item in the last 12 months

33.7% had that product on them!

56% kept the product for over one year

76.4% said that the product was useful so kept it

An ASI* study in 2008 found that

31% of those that owned promotional products owned a cap

On average that person wore the cap 6 times a month

23% of those saw between 25-30 people while wearing the cap


Article Credit:
Kit Bean
Photo Designed by Freepik