Have you heard of Cybercrime? It is the second most suffered crime in Australia. More than just individuals being targeted by hackers, now businesses and professionals are the big victims.

Traditionally it was personal information, credit card details and medical records which were stolen. Now it is corporate data, Intellectual Property, customer databases and client medical files, which can be used for blackmail, ransom and more.

Are you safe from this crime?

What happens to your business if yours or your client’s data is stolen and shared online? How will you survive ransomware and extortion threats? Can your business survive time offline as investigations are made? Will you be able to afford the costs of liability from data protection laws and the consequences of losing corporate information?

Cyber Risks Insurance helps protect your clients, your business and yourself from cyber harm.

What does our Cyber Risks Insurance cover?

  • Personal and Corporate Liability in the event of a breach.
  • Liability for data loss, such as client files and medical records.
  • The costs for penalties and fines incurred
  • Repair of reputation
  • Upgrading and increasing security after the event
  • Cover for media content, cyber extortion and network interruptions

A lot of time and money can be lost if you are not secured and insured. Cyber Forensic investigations can shut down your operations and your reputation can be damaged, causing you to lose clients and so much more.

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