Values are defined as: “the qualities of behaviour, thought and character that society regards as being intrinsically good, having desirable results, and worthy of emulation by others”

People become valuable to others as they appear to have strong values.

Core Values enable us to do lesser effort in doing pep talks and motivational speeches for it already creates a pathway to unity, wholeness and centeredness.

  1. Values are the things that are unsurprisingly significant to a person like their family, honesty, financial stability or things that are naturally important to human beings. These values are usually qualities that attracts you or things that capture your interests. List the most important core that you have.
  2. There is a huge significant difference between values, needs and wants. Resources are the things we need to have in order for us to fulfil our duties and be at our best like people, feelings or situations. On the other hand, values are things that naturally drawn us like activities, preferences or behaviours. You must understand the difference between them and make way to meet your needs so that you can spend more time in your own values.
  3. It is impossible to get oriented with your values if you have not met yet your needs. Meeting your needs helps greatly on your wants to be reduce which will later on benefit you in meeting your values. Know your needs and find out how you can meet them.
  4. Make your values the theme of your life and not just the focus. When you orient your values around your life you’ll work on every aspect of it. It will allow you to express your values by involving in every activity.
  5. Values create better goals. Every time you will set a goal in your life, make sure to consider your values first. Goal will be worthwhile if it fits well around your values.
  6. Some opportunities are caused by honouring your values. People might think that it will cause them hurt from society if they become very clear of what their values are. But reality is, being clear with your values will create a clear path as well towards a career and personal life that is just right for you.
  7. Values helps you choose. Events, surprises and people that we met and become part of our life can be filtered by our own values. If you have been put into situations where you no longer know how to respond appropriately to them, go back with your values and if it fits them, you can go ahead embrace it.
  8. Values can be a person’s pride and honor. Values in general are the things that usually stay throughout your life. And during those times of transition or being upset they can be something that you can hold on to and bring back the honor and pride that you have in you.
  9. Balance your goal with your own values. Every goal you have must have accompanying values in your life. If there are goals that do not have, find a way for this to work this closely with your values. While doing so, you will be more acquainted to your own self.
  10. Make your values your catalyst and motivator to meet your needs. For some to be able to meet their needs, they must be able to identify and express their values first. Needs and values are highly attached t each other. And for those people who strongly attached to their values, this Law of Attraction applies to them. Along the way you will realize more the things that are really significantly important to you.


Use this Top 10 ways to orient yourself around your values