Seven steps to help you choose the correct laptop

While tablets & smartphones can do many simple everyday tasks while we are out & about, they are limited to what they can do. Heavy typing on a touch screen is not very practical and many applications are just not possible on a handheld device. A laptop is a much more versatile tool to get […]

How can I get my logo seen for less?

The marketing buzz words that drives this is “reach” and “view”.  Or “how many people see your stuff, how many times?  It’s a cool (but a little nerdy) tool to compare different marketing products against each other. Otherwise your comparing apples with oranges if you know what I mean

A logo written in the sky has […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor / Coach

All businesses reach their plateau before they reach their full potential. What’s needed when this happens is a catalyst for further growth…a business mentor.

In a competitive business environment, businesses today need to strive for efficiency and cost saving. Coaches, particularly in the field of marketing and business management, are becoming more and more common. Students […]

Explaining the loan process

Cyber Crime

Have you heard of Cybercrime? It is the second most suffered crime in Australia. More than just individuals being targeted by hackers, now businesses and professionals are the big victims.

Traditionally it was personal information, credit card details and medical records which were stolen. Now it is corporate data, Intellectual Property, customer databases and client medical […]

What is a UPS, what they protect against, the different types & choosing the right one?

What is a UPS?

A UPS or ‘Uninterruptible power supply’ is an electrical device that’s main purpose is to provide backup power to a computer or other electrical equipment in case mains power fails for whatever reason. Batteries contained within the UPS are used to provide protection from power interruptions by converting the DC (direct current) […]

Meet and Exceed Your Client’s Expectations

Who would not be interested in retaining their clients for life? People engage in business for a lifetime source of income for them and their families. It isn’t something we usually do for temporary pleasure. CEO-ONDEMAND, as it continuously helps businesses in achieving this goal will have another Business Essential on July 29, 2016 at […]

Accomplishing The Most Important Goals

Having an efficient goal is the best way to be successful in life.

Have you had goals that are not of your best interest?

Are you someone who easily give up or easily dishearten? It is now the right time to change that.

Be more strategic and grab your goals within your reach

What matters most is that it […]

Principles of Success

As a business owner, I have attended many educational, entrepreneurial, wealth creation, and personal development programs over the past 8 years. Some have been OK, others life changing and whilst each program has a different focus, there are few key lessons (the wording is often different but really they are saying the same thing in […]

Your 4 Part Business Foundation Checklist

If you’re looking for a way to selling anything to anybody, then you’re bang out of luck.

You cannot sell anything to anybody. Nobody can sell anything to anybody.

Not even me, I’m afraid.

If you waste your time trying to sell anything (or everything) to anybody (or everybody) then you’re doing just that: wasting your time.

You’ve got […]