Seven steps to help you choose the correct laptop

While tablets & smartphones can do many simple everyday tasks while we are out & about, they are limited to what they can do. Heavy typing on a touch screen is not very practical and many applications are just not possible on a handheld device. A laptop is a much more versatile tool to get […]

How can I get my logo seen for less?

The marketing buzz words that drives this is “reach” and “view”.  Or “how many people see your stuff, how many times?  It’s a cool (but a little nerdy) tool to compare different marketing products against each other. Otherwise your comparing apples with oranges if you know what I mean

A logo written in the sky has […]

Act First Before You Ask

Great Leaders knows how to act first before they ask. Although it is also true that manager who do not consider the risk and available intelligence and act impulsively creates huge mistakes, other efficient leaders also believe that the key to success is taking a quick action.
These are the reasons why:
No book that can answer […]

Explaining the loan process

Core Values

Values are defined as: “the qualities of behaviour, thought and character that society regards as being intrinsically good, having desirable results, and worthy of emulation by others”

People become valuable to others as they appear to have strong values.

Core Values enable us to do lesser effort in doing pep talks and motivational speeches for it already […]

What Attract Clients to Do Business with You

Given that there are dozens of people in the market, why would a client choose to do business and work with you? What are the things that really attract clients?

It all boils down to one single important factor. That is YOU and everything within you.

A businessman’s confidence, presence, attitude and ability to understand are what […]

Cyber Crime

Have you heard of Cybercrime? It is the second most suffered crime in Australia. More than just individuals being targeted by hackers, now businesses and professionals are the big victims.

Traditionally it was personal information, credit card details and medical records which were stolen. Now it is corporate data, Intellectual Property, customer databases and client medical […]

Reasons Why People Engage to Business

There are 3 basic reasons why people engage to business

People aim to have more money and control on how to make it
To be able to manage their own time and follow their own personal interests
To be in control of their lives and their destiny

Have you ever met businessman with these same goals but for some […]

Boosting your Focus and Concentration

It isn’t always easy to focus and concentrate. It is not an innate talent to focus but it is rather a skill. There are 11 ways to improve concentration even when you’re experiencing difficult situation.

1. Emotionally connect to the task. When lives are at stake, people find it easier to focus. Just like tightrope walkers […]

Escaping from Problem is Not a Solution

Problems just come and go, but they are all almost the same issue we face every day. Being able to escape from it today does not guarantee that we will not encounter the same problem tomorrow, next month or someday. It is always better to face it with confidence and strength to get through it […]