Great Leaders knows how to act first before they ask. Although it is also true that manager who do not consider the risk and available intelligence and act impulsively creates huge mistakes, other efficient leaders also believe that the key to success is taking a quick action.
These are the reasons why:
No book that can answer everything. Nowadays, market place has been a very diverse place for businessman. They have learned to depend on their gut feelings in order for them to face new challenges instead of just relaying on old data.
The importance of timing. Internet opens a wide opportunity for all business competitors to identify your business plans even before you have it implemented. Today, it is better to have your second business strategy implement right away than wait for a week from now to have the best strategy applied.
Success is about number. People who succeed in sales look at every “No” they receive as another opportunity to take a “Yes”. It’s all a matter of persistence and knowing what your business can best provide your clients.
Act now and be persistent!