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“As the Best Business Coach Team in Melbourne, Australia and we realise that some people are born to manage and lead, some people are born to create innovations and technical advances, our team – was was born to help others succeed. We hate to see mates, colleagues, fellow business-owners and companies flounder helplessly in despair when we know own successes, training, skills and expertise would benefit them by getting them back on the road to success and even more importantly – back on the road to fulfilment and happiness.
We have done it for scores of businesses and individuals and we can do it for you too.” – John Millar, Business Coach based in Melbourne Australia.

Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Training and Development programs produced and delivered by your business coach with you will provide you and your business with the skills and techniques that you need in order to be at the top of your game at all times. It’s not about hit and miss – it’s about a consolidated, comprehensive coaching and training programs that deliver the results your business needs quickly and cost effectively. It’s about working less and benefitting more – about more profit for you with less time wasted on ineffective strategies.

Melbourne Based and National Team Business Coaching and Training

Building a Team that is focussed on excellence and high returns is often overlooked as an achievable goal or an unattainable dream – you don’t have to take what you’re given. Coaching, training, honing, up-skilling and creating a goal-directed team that is capable of extraordinary results is not just possible its a reality. At CEO-ONDEMAND you’ll discover how at the Home – Thats why we are the best Melbourne Business Coach and Business Trainers in the business.

Team Selection, Recruitment, Management, Development and Training for improved performance and superior results is also a part of the exceptional portfolio provided by More Profit Less Time.

  • Do you need better hands on business coaching and training to make better business decision?
  • Do you need a Business Coach or Business Trainer to develop a program for you?
  • Do you need Sales Training, Customer Service Training or Team Building?
  • Do you need Team Development, Selection, Recruitment or Refinement?

Getting the results you’ve been praying for with a Business Coach Melbourne is the sole focus of CEO-ONDEMAND. You will find your new and improved results bringing you greater freedom, flexibility and more profits – if it didn’t happen this way, what would be the point?

John Millar

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Business Essentials Back to Basics

In the Back to Basics video we introduce a number of fundamental ideas and theories that you will use through the entire Business Essentials Series of workshops. You will learn how a business is supposed to work and most importantly it provides you with a series of practical tips, suggestions, ideas and tools that you can apply to your business immediately as you begin your journey of making More Profit in Less Time.

Everyone needs a little help some time along the way. Why not take this opportunity to get your business back on track?

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